Jul 3, 2023

The Hidden Benefits of Tolls

No matter what is being transported, fleets must develop a robust method of handling toll roads in Europe.

No matter what is being transported, fleets must develop a robust method of handling toll roads in Europe. In 1924, Italy began employing the use of toll roads to collect funds from all vehicles that travelled on the toll road. Now, across the continent, toll roads are vast and plentiful; getting from one major city to another will almost always require passing through a toll road.  

Although toll roads can be seen as a nuisance and an extra cost, there are many reasons that toll roads benefit large fleets within the transportation and logistics sector. With easy toll management providers like MSTS Tolls, you can get rid of the management headaches that tools come with while still reaping the benefits of these roads.

Easy-to-Calculate Costs

Toll roads make business planning and forecasting an incredibly clear-cut process. With planned driving routes, tolls can be anticipated and accounted for before they are ever incurred. In a time when managing costs is so critical, being able to anticipate a major expenditure with enough time to plan for it will make your fleet’s finances much more manageable.  

Since tolls and associated fees do not change often, planning can happen months in advance. If additional routes are added or delivery is expedited, you can pass additional toll costs off to the customers with ease.

Better for Your Fleet

Every toll you pay goes to help maintain the road, build new infrastructure, and enhance the roadway network as a whole. Think of your toll payments as an investment in your own fleet. Better roads mean fewer potholes, less wear and tear on vehicles, and safer trips. Toll roads are easier to drive, have better service options, and make getting from point A to point B faster, too.

Drivers won’t have to worry about poor signage or a long stretch without service stations when travelling on toll roads. The safety of your crew, the well-being of your trucks, and the speed of your transports are all going to support your business; paying tolls is worth it in the long run.

“Pay as You Go” Model

As governing bodies in the EU begin to focus on greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change, the transportation industry will need to make many changes in how it operates. Tolls offer a mechanism in which fees can be collected for those who contribute to emissions. These fees will only be collected when your fleet passes through a toll road, ensuring that organizations can pay to help offset their emissions at the same rate that they are using the roads.

This is great for small companies because they’ll never foot the bill for large international shipping organizations that are using these roads. Tolls, in practice, are a great equalizer in the transportation industry.

Shorter Travel Times

On many popular navigation platforms, such as Google Maps, you can toggle on and off between using toll roads and opting for non-toll options. Every single time, the route with toll roads is shorter than the route without toll roads. Toll roads make long-haul trips more efficient and much quicker, which will save time and money for a fleet of any size.

Another reason that toll roads are the quicker option is that the level of maintenance and care that goes into these roads allows drivers to drive at higher speeds with fewer issues. In an industry where speed is the number one indicator of success, tolls offer a major leg up.

Making Tolls Work for You

There are many ways that fleets benefit from toll roads but learning how to manage tolls can be a massive undertaking. Some fleets have entire teams to manage tolls and track toll-related spending, but with MSTS Tolls, managing tolls for your entire fleet is simple and streamlined.  

We are focused on making toll payments easier, faster, and smarter for our clients. With a self-service portal and simple bills, managing tolls will become a fraction of the effort it used to be. If you do run into any issues, our multilingual customer support team is always just a call away to resolve issues. No matter where you’re headed, toll roads benefit your trip, and no matter how many tolls you pay, we make it simple.

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