As of 1 October, 2021 ViaBox no longer will be used to pay for Polish tolls. MSTS Tolls recommends Telepass Sat. An OBU for ViaToll road network in Poland.


Fleet managers planning trips across Polish ViaToll roads can order the ViaBOX.

Tolls are collected with the ViaBOX using antennas above toll roads. Drivers pass a signal from the ViaBOX to the antennas and are charged the appropriate toll. There is no need to slow down or stop. The ViaBOX will beep to indicate a toll has been charged.

The ViaBOX runs on battery power and does not require a power supply. ViaBOXes are non-transferable between trucks.

ViaBOX cannot be used to pay for the A2 or A4 motorways. The MSTS Tolls Card can pay toll charges on the A2 autostrada. Fleet planners can use the Telepass SAT OBU for the A4 toll road.

Delivery time: Once MSTS Tolls receives the original order form, you can pick up an OBU at the border the next day after 2 pm.

Order through: MyTolls.

Deposit: Yes.

Possible discounts: No.

Contract: Yes.

Order form: Yes.

Blocking: In MyTolls only MSTS Tolls cards or the domain can be blocked, not the OBU itself. Please return the OBU asap in order to receive the deposit back.

Vehicle change: No.

Stolen or lost: In MyTolls MSTS Tolls cards or the domain can be blocked, not the OBU itself. A ViaToll Damage or Loss form is required. ​

Defect: Request a replacement OBU in MyTolls. The order is possible once the defective OBU is returned to a sales point/distribution point. Attention: only postpaid OBU’s can be returned to MSTS Tolls, prepaid OBU’s must be returned to the sales point/distribution point.

Additional information:

Before the first order, you need to send an original of the signed Viatoll agreement by post. MSTS Tolls will place the first order for you. All next orders can be done in MyTolls, but you need to send a Viatoll order form by post.

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Special Features


Payment Options

  • Post-paid
  • Prepaid with a MSTS Tolls card
  • Invoice frequency: Weekly, afterwards​
  • Transaction frequency: 24 - 48 hours after transactions​
  • VAT rate: 23%

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