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Introducing Europeo, an innovative toll device tailored for vehicles under 3.5 tonnes. This compact gadget attaches to your windshield, connecting effortlessly with toll stations in Portugal, Italy, Spain, and France. Say goodbye to tollbooth hassles and experience efficient, eco-friendly journeys with Europeo.

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Experience the ultimate in convenient travel for vehicles under 3.5 tonnes with the Europeo Device. Navigate Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal effortlessly.

No toll barriers, no borders – just smooth highway access and automatic entry to affiliated parking lots. Simplify your journey and embrace the open road with this essential companion. Incorporating advanced technology, the European Device elevates your travel encounters, eliminating the need for constant currency exchanges and offering a seamless fusion of convenience and exploration.


MSTS Tolls’ Self Service Portal

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Simplified Ordering

Fleet managers can easily order Europeo devices from our portal.

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Consolidated invoices

Supported by industry-leading technology, payment options, and consolidated billing for toll domains, fleet managers will reduce the time spent managing tolls.

Custom Reports

Grow your business with smart data

With our interactive dashboards, analyze your Tolling data beyond simple reports. You can even export data into your systems through our host-to-host API integrations.

  • Delivery time: 2 to 10 business days, delivered from MSTS Tolls.
  • Order through: MyTolls.
  • Deposit: No.
  • Possible discounts: Depending on domain and toll charger.
  • Blocking: Available in MyTolls. Please return the old OBU within 20 days to MSTS Tolls to avoid further costs.
  • Contract: No.
  • Order form: No.
  • Vehicle change: Coming Soon. Edit the vehicle in MyTolls (takes max 48 hours).
  • Stolen or lost: Request a new OBU in MyTolls.
  • Defect: Request a replacement OBU in MyTolls.

Did you know that You can pay Eurovignettes easily in 12 installments with MSTS Tolls

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