Frejus Card

Your pass for Frejus and Mont Blanc tunnels


Fleet planners can order the Frejus Card to pay for the Frejus and Mont Blanc tunnels connecting France and Italy.

MSTS Tolls will manage the application form and the maintenance of the Frejus Card for seamless travel across the toll roads. The Frejus Card has no expiration date. Cards are not transferable. Please note: Refrigerated trucks are not allowed in the Mont Blanc tunnel.

Fleet managers can view detailed cost reports for the entire fleet traveling through France and Italy. Costs are organized by card number and license plate.

Delivery time: Max 5 business days, delivered directly from the supplier.

Order through: MyTolls.

Deposit: No.

Possible discounts: Yes, the discount is 19% for a single passage. Your company is also eligible for a year-end bonus of approximately 10%.

Contract: No

Order form: No

Blocking: Available in MyTolls.

Vehicle change: No.

Stolen or lost: Request a new Frejus card in MyTolls.

Defect: Request a replacement Frejus card in MyTolls.

Additional information:

Trucks with Euronorm classifications 4 and lower are not allowed to drive through the Fréjus Tunnel.

Refrigerated trucks are not allowed to drive through the Mont Blanc Tunnel.

The Fréjus card must be linked to a license plate.

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Special Features

  • Additional discounts are available when paying with the Frejus Card


  • Tunnel du Mont Blanc
  • Tunnel de Frejus

Payment Options

  • Post-paid
  • Invoice frequency: Monthly, afterwards
  • Transaction frequency: Monthly, afterwards
  • VAT rate: 20%

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