Pay Austrian tolls with the GO-Box onboard unit (OBU)


For fleets mainly traveling domestically in Austria, the OBU is a great solution. Connected to the MSTS Tolls Card, the GO-Box can be preloaded with up to €500 or post-paid.

GO-Box is not transferable. Drivers can pick up the OBU at the border’s POS with the MSTS Tolls card.

Delivery time: A GO-Box can be picked up at a GO Point of Sale at the border of Austria and Germany. The order, done through MyTolls, expires after 3 months.

Order through: MyTolls.

Deposit: No.

Possible discounts: There is a difference in the day rate and the night rate (between 10pm and 5am​).

Contract: No.

Order form: No.

Blocking: In MyTolls only MSTS Tolls cards or the domain can be blocked, not the OBU itself. A GO-Box should be returned to a GO Point of Sale or sent back to Asfinag.

Vehicle change: The GO-Box is linked to a license plate and must be changed at ​a GO Point of Sale.

Stolen or lost: In MyTolls only MSTS Tolls cards or the domain can be blocked, not the OBU itself.

Defect: You can hand in the defective GO-Box at a GO Point of Sale and purchase a replacement OBU with your MSTS Tolls Card.

Additional information:

Please upload the registration documents, proving the Euronorm classification, to the Afsinag portal within 2 weeks after picking up a GO-Box otherwise the OBU will be blocked. If the Euronorm classification is not mentioned on the registration certificate, a Cemt / Cop document is needed.

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Special Features

  • Fleet planners with fleets traveling frequently through Austria and Germany can use Toll2Go in conjunction with Toll Collect to pay German and Austrian tolls with one OBU.


  • Austria

Payment Options

  • Post-paid in conjunction with a MSTS Tolls card
  • Pre-paid with a MSTS Tolls card
  • Invoice frequency: Weekly, afterwards​
  • Transaction frequency: Every 2 days​
  • VAT rate: 20%

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