Oct 10, 2023

MSTS Tolls Portal: Streamlining Toll Product Purchases and Management

MSTS Tolls offers customers the MSTS Tolls portal, a user-friendly platform designed to simplify the process of buying toll products

In today's fast-paced worldtoll roads and bridges are an integral part of modern transportationinfrastructure. However, managing toll products and transactions can be acomplex task. Therefore, MSTS Tolls offers their customers the MSTS Tollsportal,a user-friendly platform designed to simplify the process of buying tollproducts and efficiently managing them. Here are just some of the advantages ofusing our portal:

·                Convenience and Accessibility

Our portal providesunparalleled convenience by allowing users to purchase toll solutions andmanage their accounts from the comfort of their offices or mobile devices. Theportal ensures easy access to essential toll services 24/7.

·                Detailed Transaction History

The portal provides users witha comprehensive transaction history, making it easy to track expenses andmanage finances. This transparency empowers users to make informed decisionsabout their toll-related expenses, helping them budget more effectively.

·                Flexible Account Management

Managing your toll account hasnever been easier. MSTS Tolls portal allows you to update your vehicleinformation, add or remove vehicles at any time.

·                Order management

The MSTS Tolls portal offersyou the possibility to view the history of ordering or blockingproducts,vehicle changes made and running Euro vignettes.

·                Efficient Customer Support

In case you encounter anyissues or have inquiries, MSTS Tolls portal provides easy access to customersupport services. A dedicated support team is available through variouschannels, including email, and phone, to assist users promptly andefficiently,ensuring a positive customer experience.

·                In One Go - Manage in Bulk

Be it Vehicle, Order or OBUs, the portalallows to process bulk actions. 

·                Flexible Account Management

Please add that any changes can also be tracked via history available onthe portal. 

·                Advanced OBU Management

Turn ON or OFF toll domains easily from theportal. You can download domain specific declaration documents and restart theOBU from the Portal when needed. 

·                Real-time OBU Insights

With the OBU Health module, check for batteryconnection, LED light status, current gross-train weight, truck and traileraxles set on the OBU and more. This empowers Fleet Manager and Front Officeemployees to gather key insights on any OBU. 

·                Modular Role-based Access

Depending on the type of users, only providethe relevant module access to your team. This makes user access management(UAM) lean and clean for you. 

MSTS Tolls portal stands as a beacon of efficiency, convenience, andsustainability in the realm of toll product purchases and management. Its manyadvantages, from 24/7 accessibility and time-saving automation to robustsecurity measures and detailed data, make it the go-to platform for a seamlesstoll road experience. Embrace the future of toll road management with MSTSTollsportal, and enjoy the many benefits it has to offer.

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