An OBU for fleets traveling within France, Spain and Portugal


Order through: MyTolls.

Deposit: No.

Possible discounts: France 13 % max, Spain 50 % max,  Liefkenshoektunnel 26 % max (discount depends on the number of passages).

Contract: No.

Order form: No.

Blocking: Available in MyTolls. Please return the old OBU within 90 days to our supplier Axxès.

Vehicle change: No.

Stolen or lost: Request a new OBU in MyTolls.

Defect: Request a replacement OBU in MyTolls.

Additional information:

Please return old or defective OBUs within 90 days via post to our ​supplier’s address or in person directly to the logistics center from 8 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday:

Axxès – Log’Ins
Avenue Maréchal Juin-lieu-dit Bramafan

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Special Features


  • France
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Liefkenshoektunnel

Payment Options

  • Post-paid
  • Invoice frequency: Weekly, afterwards​
  • Transaction frequency: 24-48 hours after transactions
  • VAT rate: France 20%, Spain 21%, Portugal 23%, Liefkenshoektunnel 21%

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