An onboard unit (OBU) for paying Slovakian tolls


Using a combination of satellite GPS and microwave technology, SkyToll electronically charges rates based on distance traveled and vehicle class.

SkyToll device is connected to the MSTS Tolls Card. Register for SkyToll through MSTS Tolls, then pick up the OBU at the border. A deposit is required and shall be paid with a credit card, and boxes are not transferable. We recommend fleets use an authorized service provider of Cesmad to install the OBU.  

Delivery time: An OBU can be picked up at a Distribution Point in Slovakia once MSTS Tolls received a signed agreement and processed it.

Order through: Portal of the electronic toll collection system in the Slovak Republic.

Deposit: Yes.

Possible discounts: No.

Contract: Yes.

Order form: Yes

Blocking: An OBU must be sent back to the supplier in Slovakia within 14 days with a “Request for Refund” form. In MyTolls only MSTS Tolls cards or the domain can be blocked, not the OBU itself.

Vehicle change: No.

Stolen or lost: To report a lost or stolen OBU, please contact the Customer Service Line at + 421 2 35 1111​.

Defect: A defective OBU must be handed in and replaced at a distribution point.

Additional information:

An application form with vehicle details is required to register for the postpaid Slovakian toll.

After the registration, you will receive an email with an agreement. Please print 2 copies, sign them and send them by post to MSTS Tolls.

​MSTS Tolls will inform you when to pick up the OBU and to pay the deposit (by cash or credit card).

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Special Features


  • Slovakia

Payment Options

  • Pre-paid requires a pre-loaded MSTS Tolls Card and registration at the portal
  • Post-paid
  • Invoice frequency: Weekly, afterwards. Gross amount of transactions by MSTS Tolls, monthly Invoice from Paywell​ ​
  • Transaction frequency: Daily, afterwards
  • VAT rate: not applicable

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