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Leistungsabhangige Schwerverkehrsabgabe (LSVA) is a road tax on freight carriers in Switzerland for trucks weighing more than 3.5 tons.

The rates depend on the total weight, emissions class, and kilometers driven in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Issued ID Cards must stay with the truck.

Delivery time: Pick up at the border with an active MSTS Tolls Card.

Order through: MyTolls.

Deposit: No.

Possible discounts: No.

Contract: No

Order form: Yes (at the terminal)

Blocking: In MyTolls only MSTS Tolls cards can be blocked, not the LSVA ID card​. Please do not return the card to MSTS Tolls.

Vehicle change: No.

Stolen or lost: Not possible to reorder via MyTolls. No extra costs.

Defect: Not possible to reorder via MyTolls.

Additional information:

The driver must stop at the terminal at the border and present the truck details, the mileage and an active MSTS Tolls Card.​ With the MSTS Tolls Card you can pick up the LSVA – ID Card; each LSVA ID Card is linked to a specific vehicle.​ At the end of each route, the driver must stop at the terminal and indicate the mileage once again for the toll company to calculate kilometers driven and costs.

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Special Features


  • Switzerland

Payment Options

  • Payment with a MSTS Tolls card
  • Invoice frequency: Weekly, afterwards​ ​
  • Transaction frequency: Daily​ ​
  • VAT rate: 0%

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