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An OBU for fleets traveling within France, Spain and Portugal

Viaxxes obu


With ViAxxes you’ll benefit from the highest possible tolls discounts in France and Spain and will be able pay tolls in Portugal. With the OBU, drivers can use special toll portals on highways to shorten wait times. 

Delivery time: Max 10 business days, delivered directly from the supplier.

Order through: MyTolls.

Deposit: No.

Possible discounts: France 13 % max, Spain 50 % max,  Liefkenshoektunnel 26 % max (discount depends on the number of passages).

Contract: No.

Order form: No.

Blocking: Available in MyTolls. Please return the old OBU within 90 days to MSTS Tolls.

Vehicle change: No.

Stolen or lost: Request a new OBU in MyTolls.

Defect: Request a replacement OBU in MyTolls.

Do you have questions?

Check our FAQs.


  • France
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Liefkenshoektunnel

Payment Options

  • Post-paid
  • Invoice frequency: Weekly, afterwards​
  • Transaction frequency: 24-48 hours after transactions
  • VAT rate: France 20%, Spain 21%, Portugal 23%, Liefkenshoektunnel 21%

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