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T-tag (Tunnel)

Your pass through the Westerschelde tunnel

Image of the T-Tag OBU.


T-tag is the tolls payment method for the Westerschelde tunnel in the Netherlands. 

With this electronic payment device, you’ll benefit from the highest discounts and non-stop passage through the tunnel. 

Delivery time: Max 5 business days, delivered directly from the supplier.

Order through: MyTolls.

Deposit: No.

Possible discounts:  24%. If you use the T-Tag more than 150 times in 1 year, you will receive a “multi-user” discount of 39%.

Contract: No.

Order form: No.

Blocking: Available in MyTolls. Please return the old OBU within 30 days to MSTS Tolls.

Vehicle change: Yes, edit the vehicle in MyTolls (takes max 24 hours).

Stolen or lost: Request a new OBU in MyTolls. The Westerschelde Tunnel will charge you 25 euros for a new T-Tag.

Defect: Request a replacement OBU in MyTolls.

Additional information:

If a T-Tag has not been used for more than 1 year, the Westerschelde Tunnel will issue a“non-return” fee of 50 euro. Once the T-Tag is returned, the fee will be refunded.


  • Westerschelde Tunnel

Payment Options

  • Post-paid
  • Invoice frequency: Weekly, afterwards​
  • Transaction frequency: Weekly, afterwards​
  • VAT rate: 21%

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