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Italian Consortium

 Applying for rebates has never been so easy!

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Join the MSTS Italian consortium for free and receive up to 13% in rebates on your annual Italian toll transactions and partial refunds on your Italian Toll payments.  The more your trucks travel in Italy, the larger the rebate.  

Rebates from the Italian government are calculated based on total Italian toll transactions and emission class of the vehicle.

Is your company eligible for rebates?  

All transport companies registered in the European Union that also pay tolls in Italy are eligible for rebates. Trucks equipped with VIAcard/Telepass, Telepass SAT and/or Telepass EU, will receive discounts on registered tolls payments. 

Note: Buses are not eligible for Italian rebates 

Why become a member of the MSTS consortium?  

The MSTS Italian consortium can deliver higher discounts for members than you would receive individually.  

Sign up now to get rebates on Italian tolls!

MSTS Italian Consortium Terms&Conditions

MSTS Italian Consortium By-laws

MSTS Italian Consortium By-laws in English

Special Features

  • Applying is easy. Fill out an online application in our advanced online portal. We'll take care of the rest.

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