Senior Software Engineer - Oracle

Senior Software Engineer - Oracle

The Senior Developer that we require should have a core strength in Oracle RDS to be able to support the existing Oracle dbase.

Senior Software Engineer - Oracle
Senior Software Engineer - Oracle
Full time

The Senior Developer that we require should have a core strength in Oracle RDS to be able to support the existing Oracle dbase. The Senior Developer also focuses on the translation of designs, User Stories and non-functional requirements into maintainable and performant software solutions. The Senior Developer is also responsible for providing technical guidance to other members of the team, ensuring technical procedures are followed, correct tools are used and code is of high quality and fit for purpose. The Senior Developer is responsible for:

• Developing high-quality code with good test coverage

• Actively participating in estimation and technical design discussions

• Reviewing the code produced by others

• Providing supports to business operations.

• Keeping abreast of software technology change

• High Oracle Skills

Key Areas of Responsibility

The following are general areas of responsibility for the Senior Software Engineer. From time to time these will vary and additional responsibilities added.

General Responsibility

The Senior Software Engineer will:

• Build and maintain positive on-going cooperative relationships with internal stakeholders

• Undertake professional development and research to maintain currency in Software Development

• Demonstrate a commitment to teamwork and the maintenance of a collaborative and supportive work environment

• Communicate effectively, ensuring that emails are acknowledged within 1 business day

• Undertake the duties normally associated with your role

System Knowledge

The Senior Software Engineer will:

• Develop and maintain a comprehensive understanding of the system

• Communicate and support operation and engineering team members on the underlying system

• Have a deep knowledge of at least Oracle 19C

• Have a high level of understanding in Oracle statement tuning

• Have a high level of understanding of Oracle objects / items such as

o Tables

o Indexes and all types

o Normal views & Materialized views

o Sequences

o Packages

o Triggers

o Pipeline functions

o Synonyms

o DDL and DML

• Have a high level of knowledge in plsql

o Arrays

o Functions

o Procedures

o Pragmas

o Bulk processing

o cursors

• Have moderate knowledge of

o Scripting languages eg perl, python

• Have a sound understanding of working with Oracle in an AWS environment


The Senior Software Engineer will provide timely feedback on issues to the Delivery Lead and Technical Lead as appropriate.


The Senior Software Engineer will:

• Ensure appropriate unit testing is applied to new or changed code with coverage of 70%+ attained and maintained

• Ensure that stories/defects are created soundly

• Monitor scheduled jobs and notifications

• Produce relative complexity estimates for User Stories in collaboration with their team

• Review the merge requests of other team members for bugs or code quality improvement opportunities

• Ensure that technical documentation is written and kept up to date

• Ensure that web application security is considered in any product change

• Ensure that accessibility is considered for any product change

• Ensure that performance testing and tuning occur as required

• Provide support, troubleshooting, and incident resolution

• Assist QA/PO as required for acceptance tests

• Identify and suggest processes and procedures that promote better and faster results

• Identify and suggest new tools and technologies that improve results for end users, developer happiness and productivity

• Apply and promote common design patterns

• Take steps to improve the maintainability of the product codebase Specific Expertise


• Bachelors or Masters in IT or Computer Science or relevant field


• At least 3 years of commercial experience in the role of Senior Software Engineer, with prior experience as a software engineer

Technical Expertise

• Oracle DBASE

• Vue.js advantageous

• Scripting Language – eg Perl, python advantageous

• Node.js advantageous

• Github or similar

• JavaScript advantageous

• Good Linux command line skills

• Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, CloudFront, RDS, Route53) advantageous

• Kubernetes and Docker advantageous

• Test Driven Development

• Design Patterns

• Domain Driven Design

• Web and API security (OWASP)

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