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Smart features of the EETS toll device

Toll box designed based off the trucking companies’needs.

The main consideration is to give drivers, fleet managers and planners a tool to fully control the tolls payment process. Our engineers came up with an innovative, smart device with an intuitive interface for drivers and an advanced customer portal for fleet managers to communicate with the device. As a smart device, the OBU has a scrollable, language independent menu bar with icons. These small features are drastically changing the truck driver experience.

New and Exciting Toll Device Features

The OBU updates information in the real time. The driver can change the axle details in a few clicks on the device’s screen and it will be immediately reflected in our portal. Fleet managers in turn can make updates via the portal and it will flow to the OBU.

Another feature is a dynamic list of active toll domains on the main screen, giving drivers at a glance information on where they can travel with this on-board unit. The big concern for all transportation companies is how to make sure the OBU is working properly to avoid fines. Our engineers developed an easy-to-understand system of warnings. First, it will attract your attention with sound and light alerts. Then it will escalate to the main screen allowing the driver to see details of the warning and of the OBU health.

Interoperable Toll Box Smart Features Explained: Watch Now

Watch the second video of the EETS Journey where Ron de Kwant, Product Manager, and Inez Berkhof, VP EMEA, discuss all smart features of the interoperable tolls box.

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