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MSTS Becomes First FinTech to Register as European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) Provider in the Netherlands

MSTS Tolls will provide EETS-compliant hardware and software solutions for transportation companies across Europe

Rijswijk, The Netherlands – February 11, 2019 – MSTS, a global B2B payment and credit solutions provider, today announced that its MSTS Tolls division has been registered as a European Electronic Toll System (EETS) provider in the Netherlands.

As the first FinTech company, and seventh overall provider, to be registered with EETS since its inception in 2012, MSTS will provide customizable hardware and software solutions to support transportation companies across Europe and issue a proprietary EETS toll box.

MSTS Tolls, with more than 30 years of tolling experience, manages toll cards, guarantees payments and contracts with more than 20 European toll operators, allowing fleets to focus on their business – transportation. Using MSTS EETS-compliant toll boxes with backend payment processing, fleet managers will easily manage payments through a user-friendly, proprietary customer portal with mobile functionality. MSTS will also offer its solution as a white-labeled solution to partners.

“We will bring a technology-first, customer-centric and innovative approach to transport companies and our partners with our EETS solution,” said Inez Berkhof, VP EMEA, MSTS.

Said Brandon Spear, MSTS president: “A fully implemented EETS will change the entire landscape of how road user charging is managed across Europe. The European Commission has recognized the need for technological innovation in a space largely occupied by government subsidies only providing a local toll payment solution. We innately understand the intricate, complex needs of fleet operations through our 30-plus year history in the transportation industry, and we use technology to solve for pain points related to toll payments.”

EETS is currently in effect in several toll domains: Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, Poland A4, Hungary and Spain. In the future, it will span the whole of Europe. MSTS’ 30 years of expertise in toll payments and its focus on technology is contributing to the creation of an industry leading solution and state-of-the-art OBU for all EETS-compliant toll domains.


MSTS is a financial technology company, working globally with B2B companies across transportation, manufacturing, retail and eCommerce. MSTS’ Credit as a Service solution accelerates business commerce by streamlining payments and A/R processes. On behalf of its clients MSTS processes $5 billion in transactions a year and collects $370 million each month. MSTS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of World Fuel Services Corporation, has 40 years of experience underwriting businesses for credit and facilitates transactions for its customers in over 190 countries and territories. For information, visit

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