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MSTS Tolls’ EETS Vision for Device Innovation

MSTS Tolls provides users intuitive and reliable solutions

Historically, fleet travel across Europe has been challenging. Arranging multiple contracts with multiple toll boxes for one truck to manage all the toll domains is an administrative headache. In 2004, the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) was introduced to make fleet travel easier with one toll device that manages multiple toll domains across the EU.

MSTS Tolls is a strong proponent of making European fleet travel easier. Our first segment of “MSTS’ EETS Journey” is live. In this episode, Inez Berkhof, VP EMEA is joined by Tapas Samantaray, Director, European Product Management and Software Engineering to discuss their perspective on EETS.

With the vision of helping businesses grow, MSTS Tolls works to provide users a simple, intuitive and reliable solutions powered by an intelligent tolls device connected to an innovative fleet solutions portal.

MSTS Tolls developed the product based on extensive user research that led to significant improvements based on user validations and feedback. Users indicated fleets were concerned with the EETS boxes that are currently on the market because they have a lack of visibility into the device and the backend supporting applications. With this insight, MSTS Tolls’ engineers designed a tolls box with inventive portal features that help remove these barriers.

Watch the first segment of “MSTS’ EETS Journey” to learn more today.

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