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MSTS Expands European Tolls Network

Rijswijk, The Netherlands, February 14, 2018 – Multi Service Technology Solutions, MSTS, plans extension of European Electronic Tolls System (EETS) service to Austria and Italy. Established by the European Union, EETS, is a single electronic system for toll payments to alleviate the need for a separate interoperable box for every European country.

MSTS’ interoperable toll payment solution allows transport vehicles to travel between multiple countries using one OBU as their payment device. MSTS currently operates a solution enabling toll payments in France, Spain, Portugal and Belgium, at a discounted rate. This year, MSTS plans to expand their reach into two additional toll domains to help streamline the tolls payments to manage your business efficiently.

“The key asset of the MSTS solution is its simplicity, “ said Jan Verschoor of Van der Wal Transport B.V. “A single solution for the various European toll systems simplifies our administration considerably. We receive one report and one invoice with an overview of all payments and associated services. This is a clear system that helps us run our company more efficiently.”

“The new EU directive is a great step forward to unify toll payments throughout Europe,” said Inez Berkhof, Vice President EMEA of MSTS. She added, “MSTS’ solution provides trucking companies a single contract with one service provider, one on-board unit (OBU) and one invoice. Managing more than one OBU is an administrative burden with multiple providers.” MSTS also provides a user-friendly customer portal, and expects a mobile application later this year, to alleviate strain on organizations. To learn more about benefits of our tolls solution, visit our website.

The optimal state for interoperable boxes is to be certified in all European toll domains, creating a streamlined payment system to help manage transit more efficiently. Today, countries where road user charging is already applicable are opening up their systems for interoperable toll payment solutions that are EETS compliant. An interoperable toll payment solution (according to EETS) will allow businesses to calculate costs comprehensively, giving them the ability to select the optimal itinerary for their fleets and diminish administrative costs with one device.

MSTS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of World Fuel Services Corporation, is a global billing and payments solution company that specializes in commercial transaction management. MSTS is headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas with offices in Melbourne, Australia and Rijswijk, the Netherlands. MSTS currently facilitates transactions for its customers in more than 190 countries and territories. MSTS has over 35 years of experience underwriting businesses for credit and is currently providing underwriting in 52 countries. MSTS has a long history of creating and supporting closed-loop commercial billing and payment programs that include both proprietary, branded card products and white-labeled, net-pay and pre-paid card programs around the world.

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