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Bulgaria on its way to EETS

Bulgarian distance-based toll system.

Located between Romania, Turkey, Greece and the Balkan region countries, Bulgaria is an important crossroad in Europe with 803 km of motorways and 2 312 km of first-class roads. Bulgaria is ranked only 25 out of 28 countries on road infrastructure quality according to Eurostats.  Road quality impacts the timeliness of shipments and affects decisions taken by fleet managers while planning routes for their fleets.  So, Bulgaria is in need of a modern toll payments system that provides a solid investment that supports the country’s road infrastructure. 

Prior to February 2020, Bulgaria used a time-based system of vignettes for tolls roads. It was replaced with a new distance-based system as a first step to the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS). Bulgaria opted to use the GNSS technology to support its new free-flow toll system to allow fleets to travel easily across the country. Based on the satellite connection system, GNSS provides an accurate and robust information for Road User Charging (RUC). 

All vehicles with a total weight of more than 3.5 tons, as well as busses, are subjects to pay tolls. Toll fees are based on the emission class, the number of axles, the weight and the road the truck is driving along. 

Currently, there are 2 options to register and pay tolls in Bulgaria: Route Pass or OBU. The transportation company can make the choice based on its preference.  MSTS Tolls offers to its clients an intuitive and reliable system of booking of Route Passes via MyTolls portal. On the interactive map, a fleet manager can easily choose a route the truck will travel in Bulgaria and get an instant confirmation of the booking. 

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