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A discussion about the transportation industry in 2021 over an oliebol

This is the perfect time to wrap up 2020 and see what lies ahead in 2021.

Last year brought a lot of challenges to the transportation industry with long lines of trucks paralyzed due to border closures. According to Eurostat, km driven to transport goods was down 8% compared to the pre-pandemic period.

The silver lining is that companies received additional support to provide services to their customers at the usual high level. New technologies allowed operators to quickly begin working from home (WTH) while still providing excellent customer support and accounting. Companies like MSTS Tolls helped players in the transportation market focus on their core business growth. Our team has been working uninterrupted since the beginning of the pandemic without any declines in customer service despite remote working. All toll boxes have been sent, toll payments arranged and digital consolidated invoices sent on time.

We are cautiously optimistic about 2021. Despite the continuous lockdowns in almost all European countries, and restrictions due to the new variant of coronavirus, transportation is flowing and MSTS Tolls continues to develop cutting-edge tools to streamline tolls management.

Watch an interview with Inez Berkhof, VP EMEA, MSTS, and Niewsblad Transport and learn more about:

  • The forecast for the transportation industry,
  • Plans for the launch of the interoperable box,
  • How companies in the transportation industry can do better in the challenging times of Covid-19

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